I’m An Artist Who Inspires People To Live A Zero Waste Lifestyle

4 Ways You Can Start Living A Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

I’m a self-taught artist and lifestyle blogger born & raised in Los Angeles, California. As a child my company was made of up books, paper + pencil, & an observant nature. Drawn to all that encompassed the magic and mystery of the natural realm I escaped the city through artwork. Of various forms: collages, drawings, & painting.

As the years passed I realized that my life-long bond with the environment was no passing phase. As I become cognizant of the plight of the environment I became more determined to surround myself with it, as well as becoming involved with reducing my waste, and the art of growing (gardening + learning about plant life).

Whether it’s written or visual format, it all has a general tie to the natural realm, it is not a choice but an intrinsic drive: a muse. Whether it is evoked from myth, a trip outside of the city, or my dreams, I want to document the wilderness and through my paintings I hope to inspire others to venture out into nature to embark on adventures and discover why it is so important to preserve the wild.

Making the Case for Zero-Waste

When I became aware of the zero waste movement, I didn’t look at it with the perception that it’s limiting, I found it simpler – less cluttered and more conscientious of our purchases and actions. The less packaging used, and by being more mindful about what food we buy (spending only on what we need and will use), we can reap better benefits.

What if we made simple steps toward minimizing our waste? What if we didn’t look at the zero waste movement as unattainable or hard?

The zero waste lifestyle doesn’t limit experiences, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the activities you love, it just means you are more conscious about your spending and choices. It’s not just about plastic but food waste, making the effort to reduce, reuse, & recycle. I make a rigorous attempt to avoid unrecyables, especially the single use plastics whenever I can, and there are times I forget a reusable cup or straw, or others may treat you to an item containing plastic without realizing it.  Don’t be hard on yourself. Release expectations of “perfection.”

When I wrote to Holly of Leotie Lovely about how to avoid feeling like we “cannot do it” or that we aren’t capable she offered these words of advice:

“Any growth, personal or otherwise requires work – and any work you do on yourself, whether it is your character, your spirituality, your habits, or your body, they all pay off in the end and make you a better and more fulfilled person.”


What are four “deeper” ways to live a zero waste lifestyle?

1. Encourage companies to adapt more sustainable practices and ethics. This means asking your favorite brands to create recycling or biodegradable packaging, asking stores to offer more bulk bin items especially that are safe for those with food allergies.

2. Make a guide to what is available in your area. Can you compost somewhere nearby? What recycling services are offered near you? Making a grocery list that will prevent food waste or expired items from going to waste. If you brew coffee can you cast the grounds on your plants instead of down the drain? Do you shop online? Create a signature to ask sellers to not add any packaging/receipts to your purchase(s).

3. Discover a positive community. This is so important – find a community of zero wasters or minimalists (if that’s what you’re after) who are non judgmental, who will encourage or offer feedback on questions you may have. Surround yourself with positivity and recognize everyone is on their own journey.

4. Influence others with positivity and passion. I used to think others would see me as odd for bringing my own cups, straws, utensils, etc. I felt like others would judge me, and then I realized I am doing this myself. In fact, you are more than likely to encourage others with your own actions whether it influences someone to get a stainless steel water bottle instead of single use water bottles or invest in a lunchbox. By speaking positively about your experiences, others will not only learn but also consider their own impact instead of viewing it as “impossible.”

There are no expectations. Be kind to yourself. I believe that people who want to follow a zero waste lifestyle, or minimize their trash in general, want to do it to be kinder to the planet. Enhance that – Be Kind.

#Zerowaste essentials. This was a part of my Instagram stories the other day – sometimes I can be out for a few days and it's still possible to be #lesstrashmorefun with a few staples. Here's my to go guide. upcycled candle jar for snacks ✔️. @hankybook tissue/napkin book ✔️ . @ecoatheart stainless steel straws ✔️. @kleankanteen steel containers✔️. @kidskonserve cup & ✔️ @maison_natural_linens medium reusable draw bag ✔️ . I am not perfect but I know everyday I have the chance to create a safer, cleaner, and brighter planet through my actions and hopefully encouraging others to produce one less bit of trash or be kind to just one person 💕 do you have any tips for reducing your trash? Share below 👇🏼

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