Meet The Influencer Whose Visual Diary Takes Her Around The World With Brands

From New York To London, This Influencer’s Collaborations Inspire Us

Meet Kendra, New Zealand based fashion blogger and IN.CO community member who’s a little bit too obsessed with caramel bon bons and Russh magazine.

As part of our IN.CO LEARN Series we caught up with Kendra who has been blogging at Stolen Inspiration for the past 8 years (practically a lifetime), sharing her fashion inspiration and her own personal style.

Kendra has recently come back from adventuring around Europe and tells us the pasta really is as good as they say it is. She loves traveling, Netflix, taking too many photos and listening to crime podcasts. As an Influencer, Kendra has been lucky enough to travel around the world because of her blog and because of this, she doesn’t think she could ever stay in one place for very long again.

IN.CO: Where did your passion for starting Stolen Inspiration and sharing your visual diary start?

KENDRA: It all started back at high school in 2009, deep into procrastinating. I’ve always been really creative and was pretty fashion obsessed at the time, when one of my friends introduced me to this ‘new’ thing: fashion blogging. I’d made blogs before and thought it would be the perfect thing to distract me from school work.

I can safely say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. The experiences I’ve had and the opportunities that have come from blogging I could never have dreamed would be possible – especially where I’m from, a small city called Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island. It’s also been such a good creative outlet to have between working long hours or writing university essays. Actually, a really good way to stay sane, ha ha.

IN.CO: What was it like working with brands like Adidas, Converse and others?

KENDRA: I always get really excited for brand collaborations. Blogging can be isolating at times when you’re working long hours alone; collaborations are a great way to mix it up and meet new people. Working with Adidas and Converse was quite surreal because I’ve been living in their sneakers for as long as I can remember. To know that brands you’ve been a fan of since your childhood support your creative vision and want to create content with you is the best feeling and accomplishment.

I actually went to Sydney with Converse which was awesome. A group of us got to see all the shoe new lines, then enjoyed painting in their studio and working with some awesome local street style photographers to snap some great pictures. I definitely think the interesting and like-minded people you meet from collaborating makes it a priceless experience.

Stolen Inspiration in Collaboration with Converse, Sydney Australia.

IN.CO: How amazing was it being flown to NYC with Impulse? What were your favourite moments?

KENDRA: Literally the number one highlight of my blogging ‘career’. I could probably sit here and list off too many moments because it really was THAT good. A major highlight was getting to meet Ann Gottlieb, the creator of the Impulse fragrances. She’s the most incredible and driven women with a huge work portfolio to admire.

Also being able to explore New York with the best team. We were from all different corners of the world and had so many different stories to share. Impulse really wanted to give us all an experience to remember – from shopping in Soho and wandering the Chelsea Markets, to dinner on a rooftop in Brooklyn. I felt like I had experienced the best of New York in just 3 days. Even after travelling around the world, New York is still my favourite city because of the experience Impulse created for us.

Stolen Inspiration in New York with Impulse

IN.CO: What are your tips for other up-and-coming bloggers and instagrammers who are looking to create visual diaries of their lives and collaborate with brands?

KENDRA: When I started blogging you could do or be whoever you like because it was all so new and it wasn’t about the money or the clothes. Everyone just wanted to be creative and share what they loved. Now, there’s a lot more competition, it’s a lot more focused on the money and it’s a completely different industry.

IN.CO TIPS “My best advice would be to just be yourself and don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Choose something you love, create content that you’re proud of and the rest will come. Also, don’t sell your soul for collaborations – work with people you genuinely like and it will be so much more rewarding in the long run.”
Kendra, Stolen Inspiration

Stolen Inspiration in New York with Impulse

IN.CO: What are your style fashion tips for the Influencer Collective in 2017?

KENDRA: My fashion tip for 2017 would be to focus on the jewellery. You can look ultra cool in a vintage tee, cut off denim shorts and sneakers if you add a pair of dangling gold earrings or a cool accented belt. Laid back style is definitely here to stay so have fun with it. Plus, you can pull out some old favourites and use the money you saved to buy yourself a plane ticket somewhere – that vintage slip dress will look a million bucks with a tropical island in the background. Can you tell I have wanderlust?

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