Retired Cop Is Going Viral On Twitch With His Hilarious GTA V Character – Sheriff Eli Thompson

Meet Sheriff Eli Thompson. The Twitch Community’s Most Popular Virtual Law Enforcer

Hilarious clips have been circulating across the internet of a group of Twitch streamers role-playing on Grand Theft Auto V. One character in particular, Sheriff Eli Thompson, is drawing a lot of attention.

Streamers role-playing on Twitch have always been popular. Now, in this latest Twitch trend, streamers are taking role-playing (RPing) on Grand Theft Auto V to the next level. Virtual criminals vs virtual law enforcement characters are battling it out on the streets of GTA V’s Los Santos. And every day the internet is becoming more obsessed with following their adventures on Twitch.

One RPing character has emerged as Twitch’s most popular virtual law enforcer. Eli Thompson, has become twitch famous recently for his hilarious role-playing as the Los Santos state trooper – Sheriff Eli Thompson.

Eli Thompson is a retired police officer who now role-plays as Sheriff Thompson on Grand Theft Auto V. His role-playing clips are so hilarious they are going viral across the internet.

Unbelievably, Eli Thompson has 27k+ followers on Twitch already and he hasn’t even streamed. So the Twitch streaming community came together and raised over $14,000 to help Trooper Thompson start streaming on Twitch. When popular Twitch streamer Proxy, told Eli Thompson how much was raised for him to start streaming, he even got emotional.

The huge community support for Eli Thompson shows just how much value he brings to Twitch and the Grand Theft Auto V role-playing streamers. People are super excited that Eli Thompson will now make his streaming debut in May 2017 : When Justice is Coming to Twitch.

Flooded with amazing fan art and hilarious Trooper Memes from talented artists and fans like Kathleen, Trooper Thompson’s twitter feed grew almost overnight in popularity.

Some of the funniest Sheriff Eli Thompson clips are moments with The Lean Bois – a popular virtual gang on the Grand Theft Auto V streams.

And there’s many more popular streamers making their mark on the Grand Theft Auto V role-playing trend.

Here are more hilarious RPing GTA V streamers to follow on Twitch:

Slappy McGaffy (Thadrius), is a 79yr old veteran with a wild streak. He’s been a cab driver, apprentice mall security guard and now the Weazel News Producer. Freddy Price (Mr. Moon) is a Mall Cop from SecuroServ with ambitions of one day joining the law enforcement team. Avon (Lirik) is a hugely popular character in the Lean Bois gang, always keeping Sheriff Eli Thompson on his toes. There’s the hilarious Dankweed brothers, Dante (GiantWaffle) and Shaggy (Timmac). And the very funny Avery Jenkins (Wish!) and Mort Pennywhistle (Dimitri). Plus many more!


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