Why The Poke Bowl Has Become The Healthy Go To Meal For Influencers To Share

Do you Poke Bowl? In 2017, ‘Food-in-a-Bowl’ Has Gone To The Next Level

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This year, social media’s obsession with the Poke Bowl shows no signs of slowing down.

The healthy food trend continues to grow in popularity, as influencers share their most amazing ‘food-in-a-bowl’ creations.

Pronounced poh-KAY, the Poke Bowl has become a trend of the moment and continues to grow in popularity as today’s must-have ‘food-in-a-bowl’.

Instagram influencers the world over are posting the most amazing Poke Bowl creations. And as new restaurants pop-up to satisfy the taste-buds of locals, these healthy food creations have become a go to healthy meal for influencers.

So what lies behind the social popularity of the Poke Bowl?

Firstly, the poke trend puts Hawaiian cuisine in the spotlight. The traditional Poke is made with raw tuna, cut into small cubes, and seasoned with different ingredients, often soy sauce, scallions, and sesame oil. As you’ll see with the variety of Poke Bowl’s posted on social media, Poke seasonings can vary, and you can also use other ingredients instead of fish.

Secondly, the Poke Bowl can be very colourful. And with so many possible variations, it often feels unique in its creation. This is why the Poke Bowl and also ‘food-in-a-bowl’ is so great to share with friends on social media. It’s almost like no two Poke Bowl creations are ever exactly the same.

Hungry? Check out these delicious and colourful Poke Bowls, shared by instagrammers, to make your stomach growl for more:

1. Torronto show they know how to Poke


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