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Food & Drink 'Winter Lifestyle' Edition

IN.CO BAGS are exclusive designer gift bags for influencers, brought to you by Influencer Collective and PopUp Collective.

We work with designer brands to curate the perfect assortment of products in each bag for influencers to try, review, and post. Curated, styled and custom made, each bag release has a unique theme that falls under a lifestyle category. IN.CO BAGS are exclusive, and influencers can’t wait to get their hands on them to enjoy the products inside and share on social media.


IN.CO BAGS are a powerful influencer marketing opportunity for brands, businesses, online shops and startups looking to get your products into the hands of popular influencers in an engaging way.

By Invitation Only. Submit Your Details Below.

IN.CO BAGS are released to brands for booking in limited editions by invitation. They are sent to select Influencer Collective influencers to enjoy the products inside and share on social media.

Request your invitation below and we’ll send you updates when an IN.CO BAG edition is available in your category:


IN.CO bags are exclusively gifted to influencers. To become eligible for consideration to receive an IN.CO bag, you need to sign up to Influencer Collective:

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IN.CO Bags are exclusive, so only a small amount of influencers will receive each bag!