How Long Does It Take To Become An Influencer? Meet The Instagrammer Who Became a Brand Ambassador In 2 Months.

Maéva Shares Her Secrets For Getting Started On Instagram

Maéva Shares Her Secrets For Getting Started On Instagram And The Inspiring Story of Becoming A Brand Ambassador.

Meet Maéva a social micro-influencer and IN.CO community member who just started being active on Instagram a couple of months ago and has already become a brand ambassador.

As part of our IN.CO LEARN Series we caught up with the talented Maéva from @maevawarnier to bring you her inspiring story of becoming an Instagram influencer and passionate brand ambassador for Becca Scrub.

IN.CO:  Tell us about yourself?

Maéva: I love taking pictures of what I like, of my lifestyle, and to take time to edit them and to publish quality content for my followers. I believe that social media is a big part of our society nowadays, and that if people like me can have a good influence on people, then it’s awesome!

IN.CO: How did you get started on Instagram and what’s your style?

Maéva:  I got started a few months ago, when I discovered what I could do on Instagram. I decided to combine my passions for eating healthy food, fitness, and fashion together with photography. I started posting almost everyday, and when I saw that people were liking my content, it gave me even more confidence!

IN.CO:  What do you love posting?

Maéva:  I like to keep a uniform “theme” on Instagram, so that every post fits with the others. I love to post my outfits, what product I use, or what activity I am doing.

IN.CO:  How did you become an Ambassador for @beccascrub?

Maéva: I first reach out to the brand @beccascrub because I like their products and I believe in their brand. They accepted to send me one of their products, and in exchange I had to take a good picture with it and post it on my account. I ended up sending them 8 photos, of very good quality and original. They were so pleased by my collaboration that they asked me if I wanted to become an ambassador for their brand. I love that we can help each other grow by collaborating together!

IN.CO:  What are your tips for other Instagramers looking to become brand ambassadors?

Maéva:  I would say give your 100% on every collaboration you have, small or big.

IN.CO TIPS “Produce quality photos, and ask yourself : if I was a follower and I saw this picture, would I want to buy the product? Also, don’t be shy to reach out to companies and ask them if they want to collaborate with you. Because maybe they wouldn’t have noticed you if you had not written to them!”  Maéva


IN.CO:   Do you have any style fashion tips for 2017 to share with the Influencer Collective?

Maéva:  If you don’t know what your clothing style is, I would say wear whatever you want, and do not care about what others will think or say. Be different and original, this is what people are looking for!

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