People Can’t Believe How Cute These Sydney Instagrammer’s Food Creations Are

Meet Anna Chan From Sydney, The Instagrammer And Food Influencer Who Is Taking #foodporn To A New Level

Anna Chan from Sydney (@annachaannn) is an Instagrammer and food influencer who makes the cutest cakes and food creations, and shares them for the world to enjoy.

Anna’s style is often described as Kawaii food (kawaii means “cute” in Japanese). Kawaii food has grown in popularity over the past year via social media. And just like Japanese food, Kawaii food is super cute and extremely yummy.  A Kawaii food influencer’s motto is ‘share what you love and fans will follow’. And talented social media food influencers, like Anna, can’t get enough of sharing their adorable Kawaii food creations. As an influencer trend, social Kawaii food sharing is taking #foodporn to a new level.

Every one of Anna’s joyful creations shows the passion and creativity she puts into making it. Her creativity oozes through every new recipe she tries – like her latest Panda and Baymax spam rice burgers, bear faced pancakes, and Panda Dango and cute pull apart bread.

Baked donuts means they're healthier right 😇 #foodporn #foodshare #cutefood

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One thing’s for sure, Anna’s Kawaii food creations get people all over the world salivating over her creations. Anna gets the most likes on Instagram from her matcha desserts, her amazing flatlays and super cute faces and character creations. Like other Kawaii foodies, Anna makes the most adorable character cakes, cat doughnuts and biscuits. And we can’t get enough of her Chigiri icecream cones. They are so Cute.

Miffy chigiricones! #foodporn #foodshare #cutefood

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Social sharing of Kawaii food has become an influencer trend. It has also become a popular influencer marketing category for food related products and services. As an Instagram influencer, Anna’s fun social style is collaborative. She often gives shout-outs to her #foodie friends with new recipes to try.

With over 100k+ followers on Instagram, Anna Chan from Sydney, Australia is a fun food influencer. Her fans tell us that she brings a smile to their face everyday with her #cutefood creations.

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