Is The Bum Bag Trend Back in 2017? These Instagram Influencers Think So.

Here’s how to wear the Bum Bag & Fanny Pack Trend In 2017.

Grandmas, hold onto your bags! The bum bag trend is back in 2017 and it’s more fashionable than ever.

Some people may be in two minds about the bum bag trend returning (also known as fanny packs). That’s because, bum bags were all the rage in the 80s and 90s and then they went through some pretty dark years, ultimately becoming a…fashion faux pas. For many of us, bum bags and fanny packs became such a fashion ‘no-no’, we are very grateful our 90s selves never having Instagram to share proof we sported the trend.

Now in 2017, it seems the dark days of bum bag wearing are over.

Interestingly, Instagram influencers and fashion influencers are often some of the first people to embrace new fashion trends. That’s one of the main reasons we call them influencers!

When a group of influencers embrace a new fashion look, they collectively have the power to spread it fast across the internet creating a trend.

In this case in 2017, fanny packs are making their way across the world of Instagram, garnishing millions of likes, thanks to a little help from thousands of loveable fashion and lifestyle influencers.

So here’s what you need to know:

A very brief bum bag and fanny pack history:

The bum bag is either referred to as a fanny pack (American English) or bum bag (British English). Their name comes from the fact that they are often worn facing the rear, above the buttocks. Also, it helps to know “Fanny” is the slang term for buttocks in the United States. Today, most people wear their bum bags and fanny bags facing the front. Not only does this make it harder for thieves to get to, it also makes is easier to access your gear.

Here’s how fashion Instagram influencers are wearing the bum bag trend in 2017:

  1. Wrap it! Introducing the modern day bum bag in leather, wrapped.

Fashion blogger, stylist and Instagram influencer @stylebyrae_ shows us how to wear the modern day leather bumbag in a simple wrap. Love!

2. Cross shoulder it! Introducing the bum bag worn across the body. Most importantly, across one shoulder.

Fashion instagrammer @dearsstr shows us how the bum bag and fanny pack has moved up the body and across the shoulder, for a modern 2017 look.

3. Glitter It! Introducing the never boring bling bum bag.

We love instagrammer @foxyflimflam and her unreal glitter fanny pack. Must have.

4. Chill It! Introducing the coolest bum bag look of 2017. Worn to the front with confidence.

💥Finally got mah shirt by @spinellisalem 🤘💋Isn't it raddd?👅👅thxxx💥

A post shared by Heyy, I'm Ruth(ie) ♑ (@riott_grrrl) on

Instagrammer @rioot_grrl shows us how to officially sport the bum bag and fanny pack in 2017 with confidence.

Feature image by @foxyflimflam Instagram.

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