Meet The Inspiring Couple Who Sold Their Home To Travel Blog

The Couple Who Turned A Lifestyle Change Into A Blogging Opportunity

Eric and Liz turned a lifestyle change into an opportunity to travel blog. And they are living the life of their dreams.

There are many inspirational stories from bloggers around the world, who have created popular blogs from amazing lifestyle changes. So when we discovered micro-influencer, couple Eric and Liz from travel blog Adventure Along, we just had to share their inspiring story.

Taking a break from their careers, Eric and Liz sold their home in Colorado, packed their belongings into a storage unit and set out to travel the world. As they travel, they share their stories on their travel blog Adventure Along.

So what drives Eric and Liz’s passion for sharing? So others can be inspired along the way and live vicariously through them. And it looks like there are many reasons to be inspired by Eric and Liz this year. Firstly they started the year traveling across the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Then they are off to Australia, Bali, Singapore, Thailand and Europe. We can’t wait to see where their adventure travel blog takes them in 2017.

Here are some of our favourite moments from Eric and Liz’s Adventure Along travel blog:


Yoga at Skull Rock Trail Joshua Tree by


Cheeky grasshopper hitches a ride by


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