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IN.CO’s editorial and creative branding team work with brands to create authentic posts that give exposure to our influential community and social audience. We offer an array of sponsored content including Sponsored Stories, Story Theme Blog Posts, Giveaways, Influencer Collaboration Posts, Popular Open Lists and Influencer Challenges.

Post A Brief With Our Influencer Invitation Listings

IN.CO’s team work with brands to post influencer briefs through our email community newsletter. Various options include our popular Influencer Invitation Listings Email where brands Invite our Influencers on brand sponsorship opportunities. Other options include Targeted Email Sponsored Stories and Sponsored Community Posts.

Influencer Marketing Packages

IN.CO’s creative branding team work with brands to connect them with our community of engaged influencers. We offer Influencer Packages of all sizes where influencers are hand-matched with brands to create authentic sponsored content made to share. We can offer various Influencer Packages, including our popular Influencer Hand-Matched Influencer Hotlists, ‘Everyone’s Talking’ Campaigns, Sponsored Giveaways and Influencer Posts and Videos.]

Influencer Marketing Strategy & Campaigns

IN.CO’s expert influencer marketing team work with brands and agencies to create strategies and campaigns for successful influencer marketing and viral marketing. From matching brands to influencers, to native content production, our team offers the latest trending strategies to develop engaging influencer campaigns made to be shared.


We offer custom ad placements and Brand Takeovers. Contact us for banner size options.



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